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Well Hello

I must say firstly, I'm astounded at the ease of which this site can be used. I uploaded near to 200 pages in less than half an hour - no crashes, no browser freezes, nothing. Browsing the actual comic pages is quick and you're not bombarded with adverts. Beat that other webcomic hosts.

But anyway, yes, I'm uploading this here as I don't want to subject any more readers to the pain that is Inebriated Fowl.

I'm shocked by how small the pages look - I remember drawing them on a 800x600 screen and being REALLY WORRIED they were too large for comfortable web viewing. Now they're borderline too small. Oh well!

Rainbow Carousel is my baby... when I first wrote it I was too easily influenced, too inexperienced... and it shows. Maybe readers can't see it, but I know there is so much that was never told or drawn simply because I couldn't. Through laziness or not being a good enough artist, I made this story that is supposed to be Chloe Citrine's Big Story much less than what I wanted it to be. And now I feel that I have the experience (and possibly, more importantly, the patience) to draw and tell this story how it is in my mind.

It still stands nicely as it is, and I'll always be proud of this rather amazing achievement - 200 pages and printed as a book before I even hit my mid twenties? Wows. Not many people can say that. But despite it being lovely, enjoyable and moderately well-drawn, it's not what I wanted it to be. I'm well aware that even if I redraw it it'll never be what I want it to be. But if I can get a step closer to sharing with others what goes on in this head of mine, then I'll have another amazing achievement under my belt. :)

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